5 To Follow: Fine Art on Instagram

Instagram -- that most visual of all the popular social networks -- is a natural place to find some delightful and unique points of view on fine art. 

Here are five you should be following on Instagram:


Who Is This Person?: Ai Weiwei, a fantastic artist
What You Will See: Images of his work and scene from his life (You know you want to know.)


What Is This Thing?: A clever Instagram feed
What You Will See: Fine art with oh-no-you-didn’t! captions


What Is This Place?: The Louvre...it's kind of a big deal
What You Will See: Some of the finest art ever produced by homo sapiens


Who Is This Person?:  Writer going on about art things and life things
What You Will See: A mix of fine art and modern living


What Is This Place?: L.A. County Museum of Art
What You Will See:  Fine art, fun art and a little bit of celebrity star power

Also, please remember to follow us on Instagram @bingham.film for behind the scenes photos from the making of our documentary The American Artist: The Life & Times of George Caleb Bingham.



Posted on January 20, 2016 .